Beta-Testing Civilization

If you think about it, civilization is actually pretty cool. That might sound like a total obvism, but we don't always step back and think about what our lives would be like without it. Things we regularly take for granted like indoor plumbing, the NFL and the ability to read this post would be about as realistic as a circular triangle. Still though, sometimes I can't help but think about how every facet of civilized society is part of one giant experiment.


10 Reasons My Job Sucks

I've said before that pretty much nobody actually likes their job, and despite my relatively recent career change, it's something I still believe. Of course, it's nice not to be one of those people any more, but there are still some things to dislike about my current employment situation.I know I'm always happily chirping about how great working for the guy that writes this shit is, but I'm not here for that today.

Yes, the uniform is nice, the boss is cool and...well, the commute is pretty ideal, but few things in life are perfect, and that's definitely true of my job now. It's transcendentally more pleasant than the last entry on my resume, but the idea that I'm living out my dreams right now just because I'm working 15 feet from my refrigerator is misinformed, to say the least.

There's still a long road in between where I'm sitting now and my eventual seat at life's table, and there are some realities of the trip that I didn't exactly envision at the outset. Everybody has to start somewhere, and here are 10 reasons I can't wait for this beginning to end.


Get Over It.

The George Zimmerman trial, in which a man was tried for murder for murdering a unarmed teenage boy by the name of Trayvon Martin, has been a point of heated contention in America over the past few months. It has sparked intense debate, cause more than a little online uproar, and highlighted the reality of racial tension in the country (which I was supposed to believe no longer existed, like somebody just flipped the Jim Crow switch and turned it off one day).

I'm going to assume you know the facts of the case. They've been repeated so often I could recite them like the Pledge (and they're both equally alarming when you weigh them against reality). Point is, Zimmerman was absolved of guilt for any criminal conduct. Naturally, this pissed a lot of people off...and deservedly so.

Even for me, a person who believes race goes about as deep as a banana's peel does, it's hard to separate the implications of the case from certain issues rooted in the color of my own flesh wrapper.

President Obama (whose theoretical son would, by his own estimation, resemble the slain teen and thus be marked for death in the great state of Florida) asked for calm reflection in lieu of mindless rage where this result is concerned. While it's hard not to feel the latter and I'm trying even as I type, the former offered me an opportunity to think a while about how this case impacted my life and the lessons to take away from this unfortunate incident.

Of course, a popular opinion is that what happened had nothing to do with me and that I should get over it, preferably sooner than later. My newfound semi-maturity has allowed me to open my mind to the concept, and carefully consider whether I'm just mentally making a big deal out of nothing. I still haven't decided whether to just move past it, but I had to evaluate all the relevant factors in order to make a sound decision. In order to get over it, I'd have to accept the following:


PSA: Live for the Moment

People who have been reading this stuff for the while know I'm the first to praise the glorious advances of the future in which we live, specifically smartphones. In case you're one of the rumored 5 or so people without one, just know that they do everything. They take pictures, they play games, some people might be using one to read this sentence...well, what am I telling you for, I'm sure your friends have already shown you the vast and various powers of every adult's favorite toy. (Um...you know what I mean.)


Equal, right?

The state of marriage is the hot-button issue of the current day. Yes, we're being monitored and profiled by our own government, are in a spiraling deficit of a number nobody can count to incurred within the last decade, are retiring Constitutional amendments one by one, spend about 10 times more on war than education and live under a regime increasingly controlled by the interests of large corporations, but sure, let's talk about this instead.

In case you don't have the news, same-sex marriages have been legalized on a federal level this week with the strikedown of the Defense of Marriage Act. Many people think this makes things equal for all citizens, but I disagree.


Start Snitching: The Heroism of Eddie Snowden

In case you don't know who this man is, I'm here to tell you he is a true American hero. The word gets tossed around a lot, but some acts are truly deserving of the title. The one he is now famous for fits this description.


You Can('t) be Anything

I think a lot about what it means to be a parent. People may point to things I said about parenting here on umf or that one book I wrote and assume that I don't treat the task with the consideration it deserves...and they'd be wrong (of course, they'd know if they actually read my thoughts instead of just condemning the concepts, but since a lot of my views are over 200 characters, I know that's a lot to ask).

These ponderings can take the form of little interspersions about what hand baby DX will use permanently or what his favorite color will be as well as marathon cerebrations on what the world adult DX will inherit one day will look like. I do spend a considerable amount of my time trying to wrap my mind around being responsible for the long-term growth and development of a human being (it kinda makes me wish there were  credits for people so you could see who influenced certain facets of their personality and address them accordingly).

Anyway, lately I can't help but to ruminate on some parenting perspective I got from Mike Tyson.