Stop Snitching (on yourself)

Aight, so lately during my rounds on Facebook I've been noticing a few complaints about people "in other folks business". Its usually accompanied by some bitching about "why people are watching my statuses" or about how others are "clocking" them. Some even accuse people they know of making fake profiles just to check up on them and get all up in their Facebiz. (Yes, social networking apparently that serious in twentyten...seems like folk will go to great lengths of online espionage to secretly find out what song lyric you felt like sharing today or what you're watching on TV...gee, you must be important! Not to mention the flaw in that plan is you actually have to accept the request...so you poked the hole for that leak...)

To some, it's a pressing issue, and I feel it should be addressed...so, let me start off by reminding everybody exactly what Facebook is...it's a social networking site...social...society...as in, public domain? An important thing to remember before you hit the "post" button is that anything you put in the public domain can and probably will be seen by anybody with internet access. That's what the word "post" means...when somebody posts something in real life, do they put it in some secret area where only certain people can read it? Nope...they put it front and center where everybody that passes by it can read it and do whatever they wish with the information...it works the same way online.

I don't get it...you put whatever dirt you do online and then get shocked when people know, and not just the people you intended. (You get the feeling these are people who would sell crack out of a building labeled "TRAP HOUSE" with a big flashing neon sign and wonder why both cops and junkies are outside...I'll give you a moment to think about that... *Jeopardy music*)

How can you complain that people are snitching on you when you're THEIR informant? Yeah, they might be "run tell that", but the run is a relay race and you gave them the baton...just think about that before you tell the whole world whatever. (I put a lot of my "business" on Facebook and on here, but my caveat is that I don't give a fuck...)

Complaining about somebody reading something you post online is very closely related to putting up those homemade signs on the side of public telephones that say "Guitar Lessons!", "Lose 10 lbs FAST", or "Micros $110" with your contact number on it and then getting an attitude when folk call you asking about it...as in it makes no fucking (note the "g", you know I meant that..) sense...dude, you're the one that told them!

If you don't want people to know what you're doing...how about you don't post it on the biggest friendsite in the world? You're POSTING it...folk are gonna read it! Why do you think it's called the "New York Post" and not the "New York Secret?" It would seem to make sense...maybe too much...but hey, whatever...it's "none of my business"...lol...


CaliSunshine said...

Omg, you are sooooo my new hero. You're hilarious. Come check out my blog sometime. I'm new-ish (like a month). and hmm do you have any stupid addictions? Like mine is Coco Puffs... (I was deprived as a child :P )

goldNboi7 said...

Why thank you, I'm glad you like...you're welcome back anytime...and depriving one's child of Cocoa Puffs?! Damn, you should have reported your parents to DHS lol...and I have a laundry list of stupid addictions, not the least of which is Hot and Spicy Cheez-Its...I can put away a box in about the time it takes to save 15% on auto insurance, and I literally have to force myself past them in the supermarket sometimes so I don't get any fatter hahah...

Welcome to umf!