Video Formsprung-Wk4

*sigh*...I'll get it right one week....in the meantime, here's a late edition of "Formsprung"!

Thanks for all your questions this week...nice to know umf'ers still think about me...lol...


Video Formsprung-Wk3

Sorry umf'ers, meant to post this yesterday...check it out and enjoy. Thanks for all the questions!


Video Formsprung-Wk2

*fittedwearer's note: there's an explanation for the lateness in the vid...smfh...

Thanks for all your questions this week! You know what to do for next time...love umf'ers!


umf live! (10/7) Occupy *wherever* Movement, sports fanhood and health, Westboro back on that bullshit, "F.U.C.K. for Your Life" update, more...

Maybe I can talk to yall a little more this way...I do miss umf'ers, yaknow? As alfuckinways, for the love!
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Video Formsprung-Wk1