Bye Week

*fittedwearer's note: I often work out my frustrations through writing, and I guess this time's no different. I would say I hope this isn't TMI, but then...you've been on social media, so, this is really nothing I guess. Anyway, enjoy...I clearly won't...lol...

Today's touchy topic I topically touch
is one that few want to openly discuss
Commitment is tough, but it has its' benefits
at least, most of the time, with passions unlimited
I'll intimate this without passing "too intimate"
like it would if this post was just fashioned of sentences.
Gotta measure my words, keep reference in balance
but that's distant second compared to this challenge.
The fact is that chances of turmoil increase
when bloating and headaches show little surcease
and someone locked down can't get early release
all because the tide rolled up on my beach.
I think we've all been through those periods when
tempers flare up, patience wears ever thin
and chocolate's not candy, more like medicine.
then all one can say is "damn...that time again."

If it's insight on my situation you seek,
just pause at a red light, and remain for a week.
After a short while, I'm sure it might seem
like a patient wait for stop signs to turn green.
Traffic's backed way up, there's no getting around it
when fists are the only things that can get pounded.
Not just sad for me, I feel bad for her too...
if that was my aunt, bitch would be once-removed!
It's not completely about me being in
a rush like linebackers on 3rd down and 10
I said it before, now I'll type it again.
I feel bad for Y-lackers, this just happens to them.
I'd be sick and tired of nature and her calls
that make grown women wonder "Where is my doll?"
Can't fathom the shit, couldn't do it at all.
It's times like this I'm just so damn grateful for balls.
Haven't seen her in weeks, so the window, I missed it
and some boxes won't be open 'til damn near Christmas.
(If mom reads this, that's about Hanukkah presents
but you'll see her son's angle, looking hard at a sextant.)
It's not like she does this as part of a spite
I still love the chick, she's just harder to like
when she's riding a cycle, but can't ride a bike
but that's not cool to say, so I'll hide it in type.
Kinda sucks we can't really make contact
but I'll take care of her, it's in the contract.
Poor chick, sick with this, and she got a cold
Could be worse I guess, it coulda never showed 
It's a needed evil I speak of in the past rhymes
'cuz that never starting didn't end well last time.
It might be inconvenient, deprived a lonely while
...but at the very least, my kid's still an only child.

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Helena Fortissima said...

Menses is the pits, unless you're worried about being pregnant. Then, it's welcomed like an old friend.