Just for the Record: Electile Dysfunction

*fittedwearer's note: this is nothing more than a Facebook status, but I feel it's one of the more relevant ones I've typed lately (wow, that says a lot). My political semi-apathy is well-documented, but I've noticed an interesting trend lately, and since Facebook probably made it so you can't see me (and because it's my corner of the internets), from now on I'll be putting a few of the updates I feel are especially noteworthy here..."just for the record". For once, I'll keep it short:

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"AJ Moses: is gonna go on a little diatribe here, but he can't help but notice nobody tried to secede after the 2000 election.

Nobody said a word about it after the single largest, most widespread and devastating (and frankly, embarrassing, if that's really what happened) national security failure in human history.

I didn't hear much about secession after it was proven that a certain administration wasted trillions--that's a "T", folks--of dollars and thousands of lives in a wild nuke chase based on misinformation and good old fashioned lies.

People stood strong with the government as they gently abridged one right at a time to the point where the Constitution is now historical fiction.

Nobody wanted to disband the country when the national economy crashed due in large part to the treason-level irresponsibility of some of the nation's largest businesses.

Few breathed a public word about their country being taken from them after giving these same people an amount of our money that doesn't even exist to fix their problems when the lenders have more issues than the borrowers.

...but now, as of November 13, twentytwelve, after no event of directly major negative impact, there are 20 states with large subsets of residents claiming to want out of the Union.

It's hard to not see sometimes. One nation under God, my enlightened black ass.

Thanks for your time.

...and that's from the heart.

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