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 As I mentioned a post or 2 ago, the start of 2k13 is pointed in an entirely different direction than the end of last year. (That's how bad last year was, I refuse to even mention it by name.) I'm excited about the new direction of things, and it's only a matter of time until you are too. A lot is going on right now, and as usual, I, only too damn happy to tell you all about it like you care. I like to pretend people do, since they read this shit and all.

For one thing, I didn't misfire any more infants into existence. That's always a great way to start a year, and something I severely underrated the value in being able to say for my first 23 years or so. There are plenty of people I know who make reproducing some kind of yearly tradition, like Christmas or a mid-February government-sponsored shopping spree. Fuck that, I'm okay for now, thanks. (I even printed up hundreds of condoms with my latest book cover on them as a reminder...just one of the new promo items I'm rolling out soon.)

I do often enjoy the one I currently have, though. He's cute because he mostly lives with his mommy for now and there's only one of him.

In a related story, I'm also at the end of my tenure at my current place of residence, affectionately known as the Treehouse. It's been my home for the past 3-ish years, but my life just no longer fits here. Between all the piles of office supplies and all the baby paraphenalia scattered all around this place, it kinda looks like my apartment got prison-jumped by a Kids R'Us and a Staples...so yeah, it's time to move on.

Unfortunately, with the scouting and the visits and the open houses, not to mention packing all this lovely shit I own up, moving is a bitch...let alone moving in with one. (Hi, Shannon! Blah blah love etc!) More on that as I come up with more jokes for it.

Also, I'm now a full-time writer. The smartasses in the room will say they can't tell by looking at umf (I know this because I'd probably say it myself) but trust me, I'm writing all the time. It's mostly little paid literary hitman type of things, write this letter, that sales pitch, this menu or that flyer...but it does mean I get to do silly shit like making Power Rangers references in a corporate email, which is nice.

There are also a few personal projects brewing (like the one where I will now be reviewing beers for a website, ensuring that my alcohobbyism is now tax-deductible), but you can be assured you'll hear about those.

The drawback to all this is that I won't have as much time for umf in the immediate future...say, the next month or so. It won't be total neglect mode like from when my soul was dead for a couple of months last year, but don't be surprised to see a few days, maybe even a week, go by without a real post...here, anyway. (I will definitely try and keep the umf fanpage going strong in the coming days to make up for it, though.)

The good thing is it's getting as fresh a coat of paint as everything else...look out for a totally revamped site design and just so damn much more very soon. There will also be plenty of actual new material, which I haven't forgotten is the entire point of this place (which I hope you'll note is just undermyfitted.com now...I'm pretty sure umf is moving too). It's gonna be kind of a big deal...I should know, I'm paying for it.

Like I said, there are a lot of changes going on in my life, and since I'm now officially the captain of my fate, I have to be on top of everything to make sure I don't run the damn thing into the ground. See, for lasting effect, you don't just buy a new life, you build one...so I'm trying to do just that. I guess I just want to thank you for hanging around this long (and also lightly brag about how things are taking an increasing flavor of awesomeness. I'm mature enough to admit that). umf and the fittedwearer are now officially under construction...and honestly, even I can't wait to see what I build.

I'll probably be almost as surprised as everyone else.

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