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"Fresh Uncensored Critical Knowledge for Your Life"
Do you want to know how to become one of the crowd? To think and act just like everyone around you and simply take life at face value? Do you take yourself and your life seriously? Do you want a return to the simpler, more traditional ways of years gone by to this fast paced technologically based world of today?
You should probably buy a different book. 

"Fresh Uncensored Critical Knowledge for Your Life” is a self-help comedy book with a focus on assisting the citizens of this modern world we share in acting like they have some damn sense. Learn how to handle your job and coworkers without violence, sort out the new. complicated ways that interpersonal relations function here in contemporary times, and go into undefined territory for etiquette and conduct: social networking. 

Unflinching, unedited, and unrelentingly hilarious, it will make you look at life in a slightly altered way. This book will teach you to read between the lines between the lines…they’re the funniest ones. Past lessons, present applications, future insights: this is Fresh Uncensored Critical Knowledge. Find "FfYL" in ebook format at here on (umf...), Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s PubIt!, the Apple iBookstore, and many other retailers with the balls to stock it...and of course, get your print copies here. Demand it at your local bookstore! 

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