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Pregnancy is the most wonderful time in one's life, a period to be cherished...except if the only one you really have would cherished is the one she was late on. From the author of "Fresh Uncensored Critical Knowledge for Your Life", "Expecting (the Worst)" takes a look at that very special decade you will live out in just 3/4ths of a year from an anxious (let's call it that in front of the ladies) new father's perspective.

From the intial bomb to the changes in you, the bun, and the oven, during the entire process, all the way up to that memorable day when it's all over (and the birth about 6 weeks beforehand) "Expecting (the Worst)" realizes that pregnancy is a gift...but so was the Trojan Horse. 
 Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu. 
See the table of contents, read the intro, FULL 1st 3 chapters and conclusion...exclusively on (umf...)!

Just like the tree-book, but lighter...I'm sure that baby weighs enough, if only on your mind.  

"Fresh Uncensored Critical Knowledge for Your Life"- eBook: $1.99

Jobs, friends, family, relationships,and social networking are examined from an altered perspective in this self-help book that knows that the best comedy comes from truth...and it works even better the other way around! Get f.u.c.k.'d'll be good for us both, I promise.

Read sample chapters of "Fresh Uncensored Critical Knowledge!"

"Fresh Uncensored Critical Knowledge for Your Life"- Book-book: $15 (US), $25 (worldwide)

All the (f.u.c.k.)-ing infotainment of the "FfYL" eBook with less batteries required...because I understand some people like it that way.

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                "FfYL" f.u.c.k. Scout Tee: *coming Spring 2k13!*
(Captain's "C" not included...there can be only one :p )

What, you may ask, is a Fresh Uncensored Critical Knowledge scout? The f.u.c.k. scout possesses not just sight, but insight. He is not only unafraid of a challenge, he fears life without them. He goes through each day not expecting just to survive, but thrive.

The f.u.c.k. scout knows that everyone will go as far as his will, worth. and wits will take them...even if that's just to the corner and back. He knows that life is a contact sport and has his plays drawn up accordingly. Now you can join the team with this official f.u.c.k. scout tee...just...if you go out there and embarrass yourself, take it off.

COMING SOON IN MENS AND LADIES! (contact AJ for pre-orders)

Gimme a dollar? Every $1 Donation comes with 2 "FfYL" stickers and an official "Expecting (the Worst)" baby blocker.

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